Outdoor Garden Lighting

Lighting can transform a garden into a relaxing oasis. A dark backyard can be turned into an entertainment area or a place to relax after a long day. If outdoor garden lighting is not properly planned and implemented, however, it can become an overpowering, glaring eyesore for the neighborhood.

A variety of factors need to be considered when planning outdoor lighting, such as what types of activities may happen after dark or how neighbors will react to a brightly lit yard. Lights installed outside not only affect the home they are installed on, but also the neighborhood. Just think of the neighbors who go overboard every Christmas. Imagining the same lighting year-round.

It’s important to know that there are many different types of watt light bulbs when planning outdoor garden designs. Many low voltage lights can produce a much softer effect than bright, high voltage lights that are obnoxiously glaring.

Garden Lighting

Lights for outdoor use are not meant to turn the darkness into daylight, but rather to enhance the ambiance and provide enough brightness to maneuver and enjoy company. It’s a good idea to practice the less is more principle when lighting a garden.

The location of gathering places is another important consideration when planning outdoor lighting. In the case of a seating area, it is safe to assume that some type of lighting should be present in that area. In outdoor gardens, down lighting is usually used. This, however, is not an absolute requirement. You can also install uplighting in nearby shrubbery or around the seating area.

During the planning process, security lighting should not be overlooked. When the sun sets, large lawns usually have areas that are extremely dark. It is necessary to install either a dusk-to-dawn light or a motion-activated light in these areas so that would-be intruders find them less appealing. Walking paths should also be illuminated for safety reasons.

The most effective outdoor garden lighting designs are implemented by professionals who have considered every aspect of the home and homeowner during the design process. Ultimately, the lighting plan will be the beacon that brings friends together on warm summer nights.