How to Grow Green Beans

I take pleasure in both gardening and cooking. In order to do both I began a vegetable garden in my yard. Green Beans are my favorite vegetable to grow in my home garden. It’s really enjoyable to be able to grow something from seed and after that be able to utilize them in a variety of ways.

In order to grow any vegetable successfully you need to start with great soil. It’s the first step in growing anything. If you do not have the best type of soil the green beans will not flourish. The soil just has the ability to drain pipes easily. If the soil doesn’t drain the green bean plants may establish root rot. The soil needs to be reasonably rich. The green beans will require an excellent 8 to 10 inches of soil. The soil needs to be fertilized using a 10-20-10 fertilizer. Work the fertilizer into the leading 3-4 inches of soil for finest results.

green beans

Type of green beans

What type of green beans should you grow? Your response should depend upon how many green beans you want to harvest and how much area you have to grow them. You’ll find green beans divided into two categories, bush beans and pole beans. Bush beans, as the name implies, are grown on a low growing bush. Pole beans will require to be staked in the garden. You will probably require to assist the pole beans start their climb, but once began they will climb wonderfully by themselves.

When you’re attempting to identify what variety of green bean to grow in your garden you’ll also have a choice of colors. Yes, that’s right green beans don’t simply can be found in green! One very popular purple green bean is a pole bean called Violet podded. You can grow a yellow green bean called Rocquencourt. Whatever color you choose to grow you’ll find the taste is the same as a basic green bean.

There are a couple of more suggestions I have to give you if you’re going to grow green beans in your home garden. Don’t plant them too early. Make sure any threat of frost has passed and the soil temperature level is at least 65 degrees. Unless you want a large harvest at one time to can or freeze you ought to stagger the planting of seeds or plants. Plant seeds every 2 weeks and you’ll have an excellent supply. Remember, the more you collect the more will grow.

Growing green beans is something that your entire family can delight in. It’s easy and a great way to introduce your kids to the pleasure of growing and looking after something. They can plant the seeds, assist you harvest the beans and even help you prepare them.

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