Spring is the time of year when we consider developing a vegetable garden, specifically with all the emphasis on the damage that long transportation distances do to the ecosystem, never mind the reality that we are eating veggies that are not quite as fresh as they might be! When choosing the place for your veggie garden forget the old concept that the veg patch should be an ugly spot. If thoroughly designed, attentively planted and well cared for, it will be a feature of your garden, bringing a touch of homeliness that no formal bed might ever develop.

veg garden

Bearing this in mind you ought to not restrict yourself to any location of the garden just because it runs out sight. In the average contemporary garden there won’t be much option as to land anyway. You will require to utilize what you have available and then do the very best that you can with it. There will most likely be more options as to direct exposure and convenience. All things being equal, attempt and pick a spot reasonably near to your house with simple access. It may appear that the distinction of only a few backyards is hardly pertinent, however if you are depending mostly on nabbed spare moments for operating in the veggie garden simple access will be far more important than you may realize. Just when you have made a lot of unnecessary trips for forgotten bits and pieces, or wound up getting wet as you rush details, will you understand that it would have been much easier to have the veg garden just that little bit better!

Alongside the benefit you require to choose a spot that has ideal direct exposure to the Sun and rain. You do not wish to use an area that is blasted by cold winds and likely to catch a frost. Pick the “earliest” area you can find, ideally sloping a little to the south or east, that captures the sunshine early and holds it late. Chill winds from the north and northeast can have significant effects on your yield so if you can pick a spot that gets some shelter be it from a garden structure, fence or the house itself, your plot will be secured and your veggies will get an early start. If there is no security available think of planting a low hedge or putting some other kind of defense in place if you are intending to grow all your own materials.

It is unlikely that you will be able to select the kind of soil as most gardens are not big enough to have a variety of soils readily available. This is not actually a problem as most soils can be improved quite easily to give the perfect growing conditions. The best soil for growing vegetables is stated to be an ‘abundant and sandy loam’. That is a soil type that is almost never ever discovered but always made! It requires to be loaded with nutrients that are quickly readily available for the plants to grow well. This can be accomplished by the addition of compost and plant feed, either natural or chemical depending on your choice. The ‘sandyness’ describes drain. If your soil is too heavy the water will form a sticky mess that isn’t good for your plants, equally if it is too sandy the water will go through before the plants can benefit from it. You can quickly add sand or soil conditioners to get your drainage right.

vegetable garden

Before planting you should make certain that the plot is well dug and prepared for your precious seedlings. In a perfect world we would plan our veggie garden in the autumn, digging it over and operating on lots of natural products. The winter weather would assist to separate the soil and operate in the nutrients providing an ideal growing medium when the warmer Spring weather condition comes. Nevertheless, it isn’t the end of the world if you haven’t done that. You may have to work a bit harder initially to ensure the soil is clear of weeds, stones and other rubbish but that will not take long and the sense of achievement when your brand-new vegetable plot is all ready is well worth it.

My vegetable garden is one of the most rewarding parts of my garden I enjoy to go out every day and choose the vegetables that we will be eating, understanding that they are as fresh and wholesome as they can be. The continuous supply of fresh seasonal foods is a fantastic reward for the little effort that it requires to preserve.